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New Music Photography Book

Launched last week on Kickstarter, this book represents the first decade and a half of my music photography journey. It charts the early days of shooting new emerging talent and musical genres for magazines such as Mixmag, Dj, Touch and The Face through to shooting Britpop heroes Blur and later shooting for Defected Records, but mostly my work involved shooting Dance music pioneers and icons, like Frankie Knuckles 'The Godfather of House', Orbital, Underworld, General Levy, Goldie and early pictures of Geri Halliwell pre- Spice Girl fame.

Undertaken during lockdown, Rewind turned into a cathartic experience as I trawled through my 28 year archive scanning the negatives and transparencies, rewinding these memories in my mind, kept me sane during the pandemic hence the Rewind title. It also revealed a few surprises, new images I hadn’t even realised I had, such as Goldie in the crowd of clubbers at AWOL.

There are many unpublished and unseen images in this book. But mostly I wanted to produce this book to preserve the memories of our musical heroes. Some of whom have passed away. As Head Rock and Pop Critic of The Guardian, Alexis Petridis says in his introduction to my book; the 1990's dance scene somehow feels like it’s been written out of history twentysomething years on. I wanted to address this and hope my book forms part of the record of our musical history, particularly our dance culture.

Please take a look at the Kickstarter for this project on the link below for more details.


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